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• F I N E A R T P H O T O G R A P H Y •

it doesn’t seem to be a definitive explanation or definition for what Fine Art Photography is, but there could be things that help us define what it is.

Fine art is about an idea, a message, or an emotion. The artist has something that they want to have conveyed in their work.

“That idea or message may be something small, a single word a time mix with style, or it may be a whole statement, like exploring the way a moment could affect the vision and turn it into a photograph, perfect enough to be confused with a art. It is a start. It is like a hypothesis.”

“When I was doing my fine art at Pratt, it what was required to put our work up on the wall for critique. During these sessions we talked about techniques, what was working, and what wasn’t. “

The work you create to demonstrate your vision and ideas has to have a consistency to it. When all the work is together it has to have similarities. Often Vargas will use the same medium and techniques for each idea.

His first camera a Pentax Spotmatic 35mm was his first tool to create artistic photography and inspired by the renaissance period he developed his own style.

Perfect enough to be confused with art.
— Vargas


Studio or On Location Sessions

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Established in 1989

Beauty/Glamour - Showing the subject in their most alluring way with emphasis on sensuality or sexuality
Editorial - Photographs that tell a story or help tell a story by themselves or with the written word
These are pretty simplistic definitions, but it’s how I try to differentiate between the terms. They obviously overlap and are open to other interpretations.

Vargas Studios was founded over 28 years ago and it has established a long standing of trust and reputation within the industry since the businesses launch,

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but is also in my camera”

Beauty shots are typically limited to the head and shoulder area, emphasizing facial beauty/perfection

Over the years we have been involved in the beauty industry , social media has change the way we live and we had to adapt to “beauty demands” Upgrading equipment to changing the way we retouch our work; nevertheless we strive to deliver high end images that will preserve the beauty and personality. We offer services for corporate and regular consumers.

Your Social Content photoshoot can capture a variety of needs. Whether you need to define your Personal Brand or share the culture of your company, highlight your team or show lifestyle images of your products and services.

Anabel V. Finest Make Up Artist  Professional Beauty,Film,Editorial and Fantasy Make up artist.

Anabel V. Finest Make Up Artist

Professional Beauty,Film,Editorial and Fantasy Make up artist.


Around the World

Creating moments… , Ecuador, Dominican republic, Guatemala, Austria, London, Rome, Spain, China, Brasil, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Beijing, Corea, Galapagos, Japan, Argentina, Puerto Rico, USA.

J. Vargas a world recognized photographer. has been awarded and displayed at the Rotunda in the White House. His photographs are a remarkable reflection of his passion for the arts. Projects includes, "Best places to visit in the World" and photographer for Miss Universe pageant in Ecuador and US,  he teaches photography and FX at Vargas Beauty and Arts Academy and creates  workshops around the world. A few of his celebrity clients included Anthony Queen, Placido Domingo, Donald Trump, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Mark Anthony and Eugenio Derbez..