Deemed the “new master of pin-up art” by Good Morning America, renowned body paint artist and photographer VARGAS has been awarded more than a dozen First Place trophies in drawing and painting, while earning three scholarships which he completed all, School of Visual and Performing Arts, Jersey City State College and Pratt Institute.

He has also shared his innovative skills as a Professor of the Arts at technical schools and seminars in Beijing, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Santo Domingo, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Austria, Rome, Paris, Japan, Korea, London and many cities in the USA 

Every MASTER was once an ATIST
— Vargas


Vargas works have been displayed at the Museums of Bellas Artes in Venezuela and New Jersey. Recognized by the White House among the top 14 artists in the US (Congressman Guarini, Pionell Secretary of State)  He was credited scholarships at PRATT Institute and Jersey City State College


Vargas a world recognized photographer. This versatile artist has been awarded more than a dozen times in different categories in the art of makeup and photography. His photographs are a remarkable reflection of his passion for the arts. A few of his celebrity clients includes Anthony Queen, Placido Domingo, Celia Cruz, Tito Puente, Mark Anthony and Eugenio Derbez. 


His Bodypaint work have been showcased on the runways of Jean Paul Gaultier in Vienna and has worked with top designers around the globe for Fashion week NY and FW Miami. His latest bodypaint work has been featured for a few TV series in SyFy Network and Skin Wars and countless Art Galleries in NYC.  His world famous “ pinups and world cup” calendars made him “The best bodypainter in the world” - New York Times