THE BRAND: The creation of the Kabi® Brush was not a coincidence. The development of this magnetic brush came from two well recognized celebrity makeup artists and body painter, who joined forces to create the most innovative makeup tool in the industry. Anabel Vargas, celebrity make up artist,  has been in the business for over 15 years with a background in graphic design and Vargas a world recognized body painter and artist with a background in photography, launched these amazing collection of brushes in 2015. It was very easy for the makeup world to love this brushes. Preferred by professionals and bragged by beauty bloggers.  

  1. The evolving beauty world demanded a tool like Kabi®. A versatile, luxurious brush that can simplify the application of makeup creating a perfect and even coverage. Kabi® brushes are sculpting tools for the face and body. You can apply foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, contour and highlight; each brush creates a buffing effect that looks airbrushed on the skin. These contouring brushes are the best makeup tools for man and woman.

kabi ART.jpg

KABI® Facts:

Unlike beauty sponges, Kabi® does not accumulate bacteria.

  1. Allergen free: perfect for sensitive skin.

  2. Shape and quality of bristles: improves the application of makeup for the professional makeup artist and for self application. 

  3. Magnetic: reduces static for better use of mineral and loose powders.

  4. Versatile: use it for creams, powders, liquids, skin care products; even water based paints. 

  5. Applies makeup evenly: speeds up the application process. HD quality blending. 

  6. Coverage: creates full coverage with a small amount of product. 

  7. Does not absorb tones of product. 

  8. Easy to clean: use a brush cleaner or use brush soap, it's safe to submerge these brushes in water.


Created by Artists for Artists

Vargas and Anabel Vargas."It took years to develop and bring Kabi®to the highest quality and it's meant to last for years keeping its's not just a brush it's a masterpiece, see it for yourself."


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